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Smoke-Free Public Places Complaint Form

  • You may file a complaint if you have observed a violation of the Smoke-Free Public Places Rule.  The information you provide will be received by Orange County Health Department who will respond to the reported violation.
  • Complaints are a matter of public record and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.
  • You may submit your complaint anonymously, but the health department will not be able to contact you if more information is needed.
  • Smoke Free OC Help Line phone number: 919-245-2480

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Type of Violation

Smoking inside a business or public building

Smoking in a County or Town-owned vehicle

Smoking on County or Town property

Park, playground, or athletic field
Bus Stop
Outside of building
Public Transportation

Ashtray(s) or other smoking receptacle(s) are present

A person in charge of a public area (1) had knowledge that someone was smoking in a prohibited area and (2) did not direct the person to extinguish the lit tobacco product or to leave the premises


Who did you observe smoking?

Unknown/Not Sure
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