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Disclaimer: Orange County Tax Office provides property tax information as a public service. This information is date sensitive. Any data obtained from this site should not be construed as an official receipt or as legal proof of property ownership.

Vehicle Property Taxes paid to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV) are not available on this website. To obtain a vehicle property tax statement from NCDMV, call 919-814-1779 or email NCDMV.

By North Carolina statute, real and personal property taxes are due annually on September 1st of the tax year and are current if paid by January 5th of the following year. Solid Waste Programs and Stormwater Fees do not constitute a lien on the real property. To pay by mail, search for and print your bill, then mail it with your check or money order to: Orange County Tax Office, PO Box 8181, Hillsborough, NC 27278-8181. Contact Orange County Tax to verify current payment status.

Town of Hillsborough has created an annual Stormwater Fee to be paid by town residents. The fee is on the 2016 tax bills for the first time. Visit Town of Hillsborough’s website for more information.

Beginning with 2016 taxes, Orange County is billing and collecting Mebane City Taxes for properties located within Orange County. For prior year taxes, contact the City of Mebane at 919-563-5901.

Mebane offers a 0.5% discount for Mebane City Taxes paid by August 31st each year and is the only jurisdiction offering a discount in Orange County. Any partial payment on a bill including Mebane City taxes that is submitted by August 31st will be applied proportionately between the Mebane City and Orange County taxes. Only the portion of the payment applied to the Mebane City taxes is eligible for the discount.

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  • OLD BILL NUMBER: Bills received prior to September 30, 2010 have bill numbers in the OLD BILL NUMBER format. These bill numbers are 5-10 digits long and begin with the year of the bill. Enter the entire bill number like this: 2009102456

  • BILL NUMBER: Bills received after September 30, 2010 have bill numbers in the new BILL NUMBER format. These bill numbers are in this format: 0000123456-2010-2010-0000. Enter the first section of the bill number.

Cross Reference Tool for TMBL and Tract - This tool is provided to assist the public in finding Parcel Identification Numbers (PIN) based on TMBLs or Tracts.